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  • Jeff Perlismod

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  • Prime Properties is the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Mountains.

    “Different isn’t always better, but better is always different,” has been founder, and president, Jeff Perlis’ motto for providing outstanding service to his clients for almost 25 years. Jeff created Prime Properties as a boutique real estate company that provides Nordstrom-quality customer service to its clients.

    The Prime Properties Team purposes to continually show community support. Such support can be exemplified by their sweeping transformation of its current office location. The office’s strategic location, houses the Arrowhead Welcome Center, Jeff’s vision for providing a warm and inviting first-stop for Lake Arrowhead visitors and clients. The Prime Properties Team includes, Arrowhead Rental Agency, the full-time rental department, as well as Arrowhead Property services, which serves as the in-house property maintenance team.

    Lake Arrowhead is a four season resort community centered around the uniqueness of a private lake. Located in an altitude of 5,100 feet, Lake Arrowhead has been described as the “Jewel of Southern California,” known as “Little Switzerland.” Close to local ski resorts and National Forest trails, Lake Arrowhead is less than a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, San Diego, or Palm Springs.