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  • Dale Drake

  • Dale Drake #02134001

  • Dale has spent most of his life in mountain communities, from the Teton range of Wyoming to the mountains of Southern California. He has an extensive background in the arts, from playing music throughout the western United States to being Vice President of one of California’s most recognized graphics firms. Dale has always enjoyed meeting and working with people. While managing over 50 employees he has learned that listening to peoples wants and needs is an art in and of itself, and that there is no way you can help someone achieve their goals unless you truly understand what those goals are.

    Dale and his wife are glad to say they are full-time residents of Lake Arrowhead. So whether your looking to sell or purchase a property in the mountain communities and you want to work with someone who knows that every transaction is as unique as the people involved, he would love to meet with you and help you realize your individual goals.